How (not) to park your bike in Japan!

At first glance, this topic sounds rather straightforward – until it is not. In Japan leaving your bike on the side of the street or in front of a store can get you in quite some trouble. So if you see a sign reading 駐輪禁止ちゅうりんきんし, telling you that parking your bike is prohibited, you better look for another spot. You can use bicycle parking lots, called 駐輪所ちゅうりんじょ, to safely park your bike. These lots will usually lock the bicycles in individually and charge hourly fees or flat rate prices. Contents Step-by-step GuideStep 1 Park your bikeStep 2 Pay for your parking timeStep 3 Remove bike from racksBicycle Parking Lot systemCan I park my bike without using a parking lot?What happens if my bike gets towed?Information on parking Step-by-step Guide Step 1 Park your bike If you found a parking lot push your bike up the rack of an open spot until you hear a clicking sound. Your bike should then be secured at its’ front wheel. There should also be a number somewhere indicating your parking spot, which you will need when paying for the time of use. Step 2 Pay for your parking time Parking lots are equipped with payment machines. When you want to get your bike out, enter the number of your parking space and pay the displayed amount. The price is always rounded up. So, if you have an hourly pricing system and put your bike there for one hour and two minutes you will pay for 2 hours. Once payment is completed, your bike will be unlocked automatically. Step 3 Remove bike from racks Pull your bike out of the rack and take care not to lock it in again by accident. Bicycle Parking Lot system There are two types of parking lots: short-term and … Continue reading How (not) to park your bike in Japan!