Yaaay: A new platform for finding your IT job in Japan

Yaaay: A new platform for finding your IT job in Japan

As a super-aged society, Japan is currently facing a severe shortfall in IT engineers. To address this issue, the country is now turning to foreign talent to introduce their IT expertise and knowledge to the field.

Given such social conditions, why is it that an increasing number of Japanese companies are willing to hire talented engineers regardless of nationality, but have not been able to successfully match with the many talented people who want to work in Japan?

Yaaay, a new job search platform just released in September 2022, attempts to solve this problem. The team behind it believes that the underlying reason is the language barrier and the lack of opportunities to make sure the company and personnel are a good match prior to employment.

With the goal of solving these issues and creating a world where people around the world can find jobs regardless of nationality and borders, Yaaay values its unique trial work system and aims to become the No.1 English job board for IT jobs in Japan.

Screenshot of the Yaaay's main page.

Screenshot of Yaaay’s main page.

Trial work is the equivalent of a mid-career internship. It is an opportunity for a prospective employer to see how you will approach the work you will be doing and how you will fit in with the team you will be working with. Through this trial work, you will get a good idea of what you will be responsible for and the type of co-workers you will have to deal with when you start working for the company. It eliminates the risk of mismatch, and let you decide whether to work with them with certainty!

The registration process is very simple and intuitive to understand. You can register your information and upload your resume without understanding Japanese. Without the language barrier, you can not only appeal to companies about your skills and experience but also check required skills, company’s culture and vision correctly in English.

By registering on Yaaay, you can check many exclusive high-paying job postings by numerous Japanese companies from startup companies to large corporations, that are actively recruiting foreigners.

Yaaay is a service with the potential to make your dreams come true. Definitely give it a try!

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