How to Schedule a redelivery (Japan Post)

How to Schedule a redelivery (Japan Post)

Waiting for that item you ordered or a package from home to finally arrive but all you found in your mailbox was a weird kanji-clattered notice?

This article will tell you how to arrange for redelivery to a convenient place, and at a time of your choosing for items delivered by Japan Post.

While other services will try to redeliver the next day, you have to contact Japan Post and make arrangements for them to do so.

1 The Package Slip

undelivered item notice of Japan Post

The notification card usually indicates the name of addressee and sender, package type as well as the delivery service’s website and phone number. The delivery guy will fill it out when you are absent and attach a tracking number and a QR code.

2 Scan the code

Japan post redelivery notice with QR code

Although you can call the phone number, if your Japanese is a little shaky or you do not fully understand the options available to you, try the QR code. Just scan the one attached to the notice with your phone, and it will forward you directly to the redelivery options for your package.

(You can also access the website via the link provided.)

3 Choose new delivery day

The post office in charge will hold your package for up to 15 days. If an item is subject to customs duties it will be hold for one month. Within this time frame you can pick a day convenient to you for redelivery.

4 Choose delivery time

To make sure that someone is there to receive the package, you can select not only the day, but also a time slot for redelivery. (This is also available when sending something, to make sure the present arrives exactly on your friends birthday, or that the package will be delivered after the receiver is home from work etc.)

The available time slots are:

  1. morning (until 12PM)
  2. 12-2PM
  3. 2-5PM
  4. 5-7PM
  5. 7-9PM

5 Select Redelivery Location

For redelivery you can choose from a variety of options, allowing you to pick the one most convenient for you.

  1. Your place (same address)
  2. Neighbor
  3. Work Place
  4. Pick up at the post office currently holding your package
  5. Pick up at a post office of your choice

Technically these last two options are not redeliveries. Nevertheless, if you are out a lot, it can be easier to just drop by at the post office during lunch, than to wait around at your house.

6 Check status updates online

Using the tracking number on the delivery notice, you can track your package and know when it will arrive.

7 Pick up

If you pick up your package at the post office, make sure to bring your notification card and 在留カード(Japanese ID-card). Otherwise they cannot confirm your item and identity, and might insist on holding onto the item until you provide the necessary documents.


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