The best English job sites for Foreigners in Japan

The best English job sites for Foreigners in Japan

You set your eyes on working in Japan, but don’t know how to get a job?
First, you need to know where to start looking! To get you set up, here is a list of popular job sites where you can find full-time positions in Japan. All sites below are aimed at foreigners or bilinguals and offer navigation in English. Depending on the company, job listings themselves might be in Japanese.

Sites are sorted by the number of job listings at the time of writing, but take a look at each of them, to find the site that suits you best!

10. Japandev/Tokyodev

Two very similar websites specializing in jobs for software developers in Japan. The amount of job listings here is lower when compared to other sites, because they are curated portals. However, the jobs listed here often come with better-than-entry level salaries, so definitely check it out if you already have some work experience.

9. Jobs in Japan

Offering a variety of jobs for foreigners. It is possible to search for jobs you can apply to from abroad. One can find many teaching positions, and jobs that do not require a ton of work experience.
Jobs in Japan

8. MyNavi Global

Website for global and bilingual folks. Their special feature is that you can search for jobs by various characteristic: foreign company, for multilingual positions, year-around recruitment, non-Japanese employees, etc. So if a specific factor is important for you, this is a good starting point.
MyNavi Global

7. Active Connector

Website for foreigners, focusing on IT and Engineering position. Japanese requirements are indicated for every job. They double as recruiters, and might invite you for a pre-interview to their office, before proceeding to the main act.
Active Connector

6. Japanese Jobs

This site for bilinguals makes it easy to search by industry and job category. Many jobs that require no, or only little work experience are listed. As special feature they have a voice chat client, so it is possible to talk directly with the companies you are applying to.
Japanese Jobs

5. Career Engine

Website for international jobs. You can conveniently search for jobs by language level, so you can easily narrow down the jobs that matter to you. Due to the sites global outlook, you can also find listings for jobs outside of Japan there.
Career Engine

4. Gaijinpot

English job site for foreigners. If the design looks familiar, it is because this list’s #5 is its global offspring. Gaijinpot offers full-time teaching and translation jobs, with consulting, IT and recruitment positions thrown into the mix. They also provide a search option for jobs that require no Japanese skills and those you can apply to from abroad.

3. Career Cross

For bilingual Japanese and English speakers. IT jobs are most common, but they also offer a variety of other positions. Here you can really fine tune your search settings, be it your language skills or job experience. You can even search for workplaces sorted by train line. Searchable by English and Japanese level.
Career Cross

2. Wantedly

Site for bilinguals. You can search by occupation and career level, or just look through the newest listings, the way you scroll through your social media timeline. Here, instead of applying to the company, you show interest by “requesting a visit.” While the casual feel is nice, don’t skip on your preparations.

1. Daijob

Job site for bilinguals, offering the probably largest number of job listings. Many job offers are in the IT sector or for management positions. While this site is mainly for those with experience, for everyone else it still offers some hidden gems.

Get going!

Now that you know the most popular sites, all that’s left for you is to sign up and start searching!

You can also use Japanese websites, which will not only offer you a much larger pool of positions to choose from but also make it easier to find entry-level positions.

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