Top 5 websites for part-time jobs in Japan

Top 5 websites for part-time jobs in Japan

You want to earn some money to support yourself in Japan?
Most international students in Japan have a part-time job that brings in some cash and incidentally also helps them get comfortable with the language and country.

What kind of part-time are you looking for? Whether you want a part-time job close to your station, one that does not require a lot of Japanese skills, or one where you work only morning shifts, these sites below will help you find just what you are looking for.

1. Japan Work

Multilingual site with part-time jobs all over Japan. Most jobs require a Japanese level equivalent to N4-N3, so you should be able to have simple daily conversations in Japanese.

The site itself is all in English. The Japanese online resume form also comes with English explanations, making the application process easy.
Go to Japan Work

2. Nihon de Baito

A multi-language site where you can do more than just search for part-time jobs based on job type and station. How about filtering jobs based on your Japanese level or desired salary?

You can also look for specific characteristics, like inexperienced, transportation allowance, working shifts, short-time employment, etc. (Some information in the job ads might be in Japanese.)
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3. Nihon Arubaito

Easily confused with #2 of this list, this site lists jobs throughout Japan, with most available in the metropolitan areas. The site allows you to search by keywords of your own choosing and job ads come with tags that show you which industry each position is in.

To apply, you need to fill out a simple application form in Japanese (English explanations provided).
Go to Nihon Arubaito

4. Yolo Japan

Yolo Japan is an all English site that has both, part-time and full-time job listings. What makes them different from every other site is that they also offer survey jobs, and various one-time gigs to get you some extra cash on the side.

Japanese language requirements are listed, but you cannot search by Japanese level.
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5. Japan Job Seekers

An English site for international students looking for part-time work in Tokyo. That means that most offers are for jobs with less than 28 hours a week. Of course, you can also use the site if you are here on another visa that allows you to work part-time.

Various search options are available. Jobs are listed by salary, shifts, and other conditions, but not by type of work.
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Mynavi Baito

The job portal site Mynavi, put its part-time job offers for foreign nationals into one handy app. It comes with a brief guide through the application process, so that even newcomers to Japan can get started right away.
Go to マイナビ バイト

The following sites are in Japanese, but also offer many part-time opportunities for foreigners. While you can find many jobs that don’t require fluency in Japanese, navigating these sites can be a little tricky, but why don’t give it a try?


Just add their account on LINE and you will receive job ads every day. Even though it’s in Japanese, foreigners are welcome to apply.
Go to Lineバイト


The English landing page might be a little irritating, but it leads to a large Japanese part-time job site. Once there, pick your location, select the white tab saying “パート”, make sure that the box next to 外国人・留学生歓迎 is checked and you are good to go.
Go to バイトル

With the above sites, finding a part-time job that suits your schedule and needs should only be a matter of time.
Which site was the best for you? Please share your experiences!

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