Business Japanese Vocabulary for your Resume

Business Japanese Vocabulary for your Resume

Finding the right words to describe what sets you apart is an important aspect of a good resume. Especially if you write in a foreign language knowing the right expressions can greatly change the impact your application will have on the recruiters.

When I wrote my first resume in Japanese I was lacking vocabulary. I could barely read half the kanji on the template but with some educated guesses one can figure out what to put where.

The real issue was that I had little idea how to put my thoughts into logical Japanese texts. There was also the added difficulty of limited space, leaving little room for long-winded explanations.
Long story short, I wished I had an easy way to find the words I needed, so here is a vocabulary list for everyone who might feel the same.

Resume Format Vocabulary

  1. 履歴書 (rirekisho) – resume (details)
  2. 職務経歴書 (shokumukeireisho) – resume for work experience (details)
  3. 氏名 (shimei) – full name
  4. 生年月日 (seinengappi) – date of birth
  5. 現住所 (genjuusho) – current address
  6. 連絡先 (renrakusaki) – contact address (if you are away from home for a while)
  7. 学歴 (gakureki) – academic background
  8. 職歴 (shokureki) – work experience
  9. 免許 (menkyo) – license; permit
  10. 資格 (shikaku) – qualification
  11. 志望動機 (shibou douki) – reason for application
  12. 自己PR (jiko PR) – self-promotion (think of yourself as a product to sell)
  13. 特技 (tokugi) – special skill
  14. 長所 (chousho) – strength
  15. 短所 (tansho) – weakness
  16. 健康状態 (kenkou joutai) – health condition
  17. 通勤時間 (tsuukin jikan) – commuting time
  18. 給料 (kyuuryou) – salary
  19. 勤務時間 (kinmu jikan) – working hours
  20. 勤務地 (kinmuchi) – work location
  21. 配偶者 (haiguusha) – spouse; partner; dependent
  22. 本人希望記入欄 (honnin kibou kinyuu ran) – field for applicants wishes

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Words for Writing Resume

Useful Nouns

  1. 貴社 (kisha) – your company (respectful expression used in written language)
  2. 他社 (tasha) – other company(s)
  3. 業界 (gyoukai) – industry
  4. 職種 (shokushu) – profession
  5. 分野 (bunya) – field
  6. 知識 (chishiki) – knowledge
  7. 能力 (nouryoku) – ability
  8. 以上 (ijou) – end (written at the bottom of you work history)

Useful Verbs

  1. 応募する (oubo suru) – to apply
  2. 志望する (shibou suru) – to wish; to desire
  3. 取り組む (torikumu) – to work hard on; to tackle a problem
  4. 勤務する (kinmu suru) – to work
  5. 務める (tsutomeru) – to work (for); to be employed (at)
  6. 感銘を受ける (kanmei wo ukeru) – to be impressed (by)
  7. 魅力を感じる (miryoku wo kanjiru) – feel fascinated (used when explaining what appeals to you)
  8. 重視する (juushi suru) – to emphasize
  9. スキルを磨く (sukiru wo migaku) – improve (one’s) skills
  10. 抜擢される (batteki) – to be selected
  11. 貢献する (kouken suru) – to contribute
  12. 〇〇を生かす (wo ikasu) – to leverage; to utilize
  13. 任される (makasareru) – to be entrusted with

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Useful Characteristics

  1. 協調性 (kyouchousei) – cooperativeness
  2. コミュニケーション能力 (comyunication nouryoku) – communication skill
  3. 向上心 (koujoushin) – ambition; desire to improve oneself
  4. 責任感 (sekininkan) – sense of responsibility
  5. 気配り (kikubari) – attentiveness
  6. リーダーシップ (riidaashippu) – leadership
  7. 計画性 (keikakusei) – planning ability
  8. 好奇心 (koukishin) – inquisitiveness
  9. チャレンジ精神 (charenji seishin) – can-do spirit; ready to take on a challenge
  10. 慎重 (shinchou) – careful; prudent; discreet
  11. 思いやり‌ (omoiyari) – consideration, thoughtfulness
  12. 努力家 (doryokuka) – hardworking person
  13. 忍耐力 (nintai ryoku) – perseverance
  14. 行動力 (koudou ryoku) – ability to take action
  15. 思考力 (shinkou ryoku) – ability to think
  16. 創造力 (zouzou ryoku) – creativity
  17. 積極性 (sekkyokusei) – assertiveness
  18. 段取り力 (dandori ryoku) – planning skills
  19. 発想力 (hassou ryoku) – inventiveness; expressiveness
  20. 素直さ (sunaosa) – honesty
  21. 先回り力 (sakimawari ryoku) – ability to anticipate

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If you think there is something missing here, or you cannot find the word you are looking for, let me know in the comments!

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