Business Japanese Vocabulary for Job Ads

Business Japanese Vocabulary for Job Ads

Japanese job ads are hard to understand? Here are the words you need to find out exactly what a job has to offers.

Let’s be honest, we would rather spend our time actively applying for jobs, than scrolling through pages and pages of job ads. Unfortunately, some research is necessary before one can jump into action.

Especially when searching in Japanese reading job ads can be a rather time-consuming process. What you can do to speed things up is to master essential words that frequently appear in Japanese job ads.
This list gives you a solid basis to quickly find out whether a certain job offer meets your requirements.

Basic Vocabulary for Job Ads

  1. 企業名 (kigyoumei) – company name
  2. 勤務地 (kinmuchi) – work location
  3. 勤務時間 (kinmujikan) – working hours
  4. 社風 (shahuu) – corporate culture, company spirit
  5. 新卒採用 (shinsotsu・saiyou) – entry-level recruitment
  6. 中途採用 (chuuto・saiyou) - mid-career recruitment
  7. 第二新卒 (daini・shinsotsu) – second-tier new graduates (with typically less than two years of work experience)
  8. 直接採用 (chokusetsu・saiyou) – direct recruitment
  9. 通年採用 (tsuunen・saiyou) – all-year recruitment
  10. 夏採用・秋採用 (natsusaiyou/akisaiyou) – summer/autumn recruitment
  11. トライアル雇用 (toraiaru・koyou) – trial employment
  12. 募集 (boshuu) recruitment; taking applications
  13. 応募 (oubo) – application
  14. 急募 (kyuubo) – urgent recruitment

Job Conditions

  1. 仕事内容 (shigoto・naiyou) – job description
  2. 職種 (shokushu) – occupation
  3. 業界 (gyoukai) – industry
  4. 応募条件 (oubo・jouken) – application requirements
  5. 業務 (gyoumu) – tasks; duties
  6. 資格 (shikaku) – qualification
  7. 必須 (hissu) – necessary, indispensable
  8. 未経験 (mikeiken) – inexperienced
  9. 経験者 (keikensha) – experienced person
  10. 職務経験 (shokumu・keiken) – work experience
  11. 高卒 (kousotsu) high school graduate
  12. 大卒 (daisotsu) university graduate

Employment Type

  1. 雇用形態 (koyou・keitai) – employment system
  2. 正社員 (seishain) – permanent employee
  3. 契約社員 (keiyakushain) – contract employee​
  4. 派遣社員 (hakenshain) – temporary employee
  5. 契約期間 (keiyaku・kikan) – contract period
  6. アルバイト (arubaito) – part-time job (often used when referring to students)
  7. パート (pa-to) – part-time job (often used when referring to part-time workers other than students)


  1. 給与 (kyuuyo) – salary; wages​
  2. 年収 (nenshuu) – annual income
  3. 初任給 (shoninkyuu) – initial/first salary
  4. 月給 (gekyuu) – monthly salary​
  5. 時給 (jikyuu) – hourly wage
  6. 最低賃金 (saiteichinkin) – minimum wage
  7. 昇給 (shoukyuu) – salary raise
  8. ボーナス制度 (bo-nasu・seido) – bonus system
  9. 賞与 (shouyo) – bonus


  1. 福利厚生 (fukurikousei) – employee benefits
  2. 手当 (teate) – compensation; allowance
  3. 交通費支給 (koutsuuhi・shikyuu) – traveling expenses allowance
  4. 社内研修 (shanai・kenshuu) – in-house training
  5. 社会保険 (shakai・hoken) – social insurance
  6. 労災保険 (rousai・hoken) – worker’s accident insurance
  7. 待遇 (taiguu) – working conditions
  8. 支援制度 (shien・seido) – support system
  9. 優遇 (yuuguu) – favorable treatment
  10. 退職金 (taishokukin) – severance payment; retirement money


  1. 休日休暇 (kyuujitsu・kyuuka) – day off
  2. 有給休暇 (yuukyuu・kyuuka) – paid vacation
  3. 完全週休2日制 (kannzennshuumatsu・futsukaseido) – weekends and holidays off
  4. 病気休暇 (byouki・kyuuka) – sick leave
  5. 慶弔休暇 (keichou・kyuuka) – congratulations and condolences leave
  6. 育児・介護休業法 (ikuji・kaigo・kyuugyouhou) – childcare/nursing care leave law

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Other useful words

  1. 離職率 (rishokuritsu) – job turnover rate
  2. 年功制 (nenkousei) – seniority rule
  3. 昇格 (shoukaku) – promotion
  4. 教育制度 (kyouikuseido) – training system
  5. 講習会 (koushuukai) – training
  6. フレックスタイム制度/裁量労働制 (furekkusutaimuseido / sairyouroudousei) – flex time
  7. 所定労働時間 (shotei・roudoujikan) – fixed working hours
  8. 試用期間 (shiyoukikan) – probation period
  9. 残業 (zangyou) – overtime work
  10. 最寄駅 (moyorieki) – nearest station

What are your experiences with Japanese job ads? Is there something you check first to see whether reading further is worth your time?

Based on the website there can be slight variations in the choice of words. If you encounter a related word that’s not on this list, add it in the comments and I will get back to you & include it here!

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