Useful items for Job Search in Japan

Useful items for Job Search in Japan

Do you have everything for your job search in Japan? Preparation is key for a successful job interview but it takes more than a resume and talking points. Follow this checklist to be prepared for most eventualities.

Recruit Suits

The must-have item for job hunting in Japan: recruit suits. Whether you look for a job or are starting an internship, you will need at least one set of black&white suits.

Some companies have a more relaxed dress code, but chances are you will need your suit, so get them before you start your job search.

To complete your outfit you will also want to get matching items of the following.

For Men

  • ・Shirt
  • ・Necktie
  • ・Belt
  • ・Socks (black or navy)
  • ・Shoes

For Women

  • ・Blouse
  • ・Stockings (bring one extra)
  • ・Shoes

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Wrist Watch

During tests phones are generally not allowed so you might want a classical time-keeper to see if you are on track.


The bag you bring to interviews should have the following qualities.

  • ・Business-appropriate plain design
  • ・A4 size documents fit in without bending
  • ・Stands on the floor without toppling over


Get together your stationery set. It should include a ball pen for filling out official documents, as well as pencil and eraser, for any written test you might be taking.

A notebook is also recommended to keep your schedule in order and to take notes before and after events. Get in the habit of writing down what you noticed and it will help you prepare more efficiently for subsequent interviews.

Mobile Phone

There are two reasons you need a mobile phone for your job search. First, giving a telephone number is mandatory in most cases. Japanese companies love to call directly, and who would want to risk to fail the selection process just because one couldn’t pick up the phone.

Secondly, it gives you access to the train schedule and a map of the area, keeping you from getting lost. Very important when you venture out into new uncharted business districts. Having your contact person and the companies phone number ready in case of delays is also recommended.


Not absolutely essential, but if you have an inkan, bring it with you. Chances are you will need it when you get your job offer and for the subsequent paperwork. If you don’t have one yet, you can quickly have it made at shops for 1,000 Yen, often within the hour.

ID picture

Japanese resumes still have the space for putting a picture of yourself. Follow our guide below to find out more about requirements and where to get them.

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Optional Items

Other handy items you might want to pack just in case.

  • ・Foldable umbrella
  • ・Mobile battery
  • ・Cosmetics etc. for an impeccable look
  • ・Handkerchief

Get the above items together and you are all set for your job hunt in Japan. Do you have a good luck charm or another item that is helping you through the search?

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