IT and Language – Working at Zenken Corporation

IT and Language - Working at Zenken Corporation

Do you want to work in Japan, speak Japanese, and are interested in the IT industry or creative work? Read on to find out about Zenken Corporation, its people, and how and where to apply. We’re waiting for you!

Who we are

Japan is an aging society. To stay competitive in the future, the country needs two things: IT solutions and language education. The former to advance and fully utilize existing technologies, and the latter to create a more global and open Japan.

Zenken Corporation, an IT company located in Shinjuku’s business district, made it its mission to tackle these two challenges.

Zenken's company logo in the entrance area.

Combining a long history with a venture spirit, Zenken builds on a stable foundation while staying open to new impulses. This mind to take on new challenges can be seen in the company’s activities, which reach from web marketing and consulting to English schools to the development of AI programs.

Our Vision

All of Zenken’s business ventures have one shared aim – bringing people together. Whether it’s a service and a potential customer or a company and a promising non-Japanese candidate, encounters between people are key to creating new possibilities.

The ultimate goal is to not just create slightly better versions of things that already exist, but to open up wholly new opportunities by accessing new resources and using them creatively. This is reflected in the company slogan:

Create new opportunities

Zenken is always looking for new talent from around the world to take an active role in shaping both its products and the company’s future.

What we do

United under the shared vision of “IT Solutions and Language Education” Zenken Corporation manages a wide variety of services.

IT Solutions

Zenken Corporation offers IT solutions to companies all across Japan. Clients range from local beauty salons to government agencies. The main focus are custom-made websites that not only rank high on search engines but direct the right customers to the right products. With a track record of over 7,000 websites, Zenken has a lot of experience in internet marketing and their strategies have proven successful across industries. Aside from the design, coding, and editing teams that form the core of the website creation process, there’s also a video creation team that provides clients with even richer content.

Aside from strictly IT and web-related work, the company has launched a recruitment service that connects Japanese companies with foreigners from abroad who are looking for job opportunities in the IT industry. Supporting both sides throughout the recruitment process, it aims to overcome organizational, cultural, and language barriers.

Language Education

The language education branch of Zenken Corporation is united under the Linguage name (a combination of “link” and “language”). At its heart are over 40 years of experience in teaching English both in corporate settings and to individuals.

In 2017 Linguage expanded, extending its services to foreigners by opening a Japanese Language School. The school specializes in teaching Business Japanese to help prepare the next generation of foreigners for their job hunt and enable a smooth transition from language learning to everyday work.

The Diversity department members after a big event.

Working Environment

How’s it like to work at Zenken? Despite the long company history, Zenken promotes a venture-spirit. Regardless of one’s background, everyone is encouraged to bring in ideas.

Whether it is fresh graduates materializing their ideas by developing new services or non-native speakers aiming for an editor position for Japanese online content, the company offers opportunities for employees to challenge themselves and to ultimately succeed and grow together.

Employees during a meeting.

People coming to the office for the first time tend to notice two things: the friendly greetings and how focused everyone seems.
This reflects two important aspects of the company culture. First, team spirit – because nobody can truly work alone. Second, motivation – because when offered opportunities for growth and challenges, it remains up to each individual to put in the effort to reach their goals.

You can do anything. You can become anything.


At the free time activities and clubs, employees can come together to just have fun.
From year-round favorites like the soccer and basketball club over niche interests like the sweets club to various other company events and outings like watching sports games, exploring Japan’s mountains, or the annual ski trip – there is always something going on.

Zenken employees on their way to the top of Mt. Fuji.

A look inside

There isn’t really ever a typical day at the office, especially when you are working on a new project, but the day-to-day looks something like this.

09:45 Except for a few early birds, people are arriving at the office.
10:00 After a brief morning meeting, everyone starts their work.

13:00 Lunchtime. Individually, in pairs, or groups, everyone is heading out.

14:00 Back to work, focusing once again.
18:40 Chatting and buzzing increases as people are finishing up their day.
19:10 Going home. Employees can do up to 20 hours of overtime per month, but it’s up to them.

“Through continued study and thanks to the support of the people around me, I was able to become an IT engineer despite my background in humanities.”
Linus, Sweden

The international hires from 2019.

In recent years, about 1 in 4 fresh university graduates (新卒, しんそつ) at Zenken Corporation is non-Japanese. The working language is Japanese in most departments but the young international employees are bringing in results. They’re proof that it doesn’t take perfect Japanese skills to shape your own path in Japan (that being said, above-average Japanese skills are still a big plus).

“At Zenken, the non-Japanese employees fight for Japan’s future. It’s a great feeling!”
Chloe, France

Who we want

Zenken is looking for people who want to take charge – people that aren’t just good at their current job, but those that are eager to learn and to grow into new responsibilities. Have a look at the list below…

✔ You have an interest in the Web and IT industry
✔ You’re interested in creative work
✔ You’re motivated and enjoy learning new things
✔ You speak Japanese (or are studying it)
✔ You want to challenge yourself

Could that be you?
As a new graduate, you can start in one of the following positions.

■ Consulting Sales(Web Marketing, SEO, Health & Beauty)
■ Frontend Engineer
■ Backend Engineer
■ Web Designer
■ Web Editor
■ Video Creator
■ Public Relations
※Internal changes are possible.

“My goal is to start a new business with China.”
Hao, China

What we offer

Zenken offers secure, full-time positions, merit-based performance evaluation, and an open environment that encourages employees to bring up and develop their own ideas. Gender, age, nationality, etc. do not play a role, only your efforts and results.

✔ Visa Sponsorship
✔ On-the-job Training
✔ Bonus (twice a year)
✔ Internal Awards
✔ New Challenges

Of course, also provided are full insurance coverage, paid holidays, and various employee discount offers.
For more information on the salary, benefits, and other details check out the official recruitment sites (*in Japanese)!

Recruitment Site (Fresh Graduates)

Recruitment Site (Mid-Career)

“There are so many opportunities to learn something new. I’m always looking forward to my next task!”
Melissa, Indonesia

Employee Interviews

Want to know more about work at Zenken and its people? Check out or employee interviews here:
Web Design and Illustration: Tanya from Ukraine
Web Design: Woojin from South Korea
Web Development: Linus from Sweden
Web Development: Mushtaq from India
Web Development: Julaya from Thailand
Web Development and Management: Juan from South Korea
Video Creation: Joshua from Singapore
Web Marketing: Viktoryia from Belarus

Corporate Info

Zenken Corporation's logo

Zenken Corporation (zenken株式会社)
Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo
Size: 914 employees (as of December 2020)
Type: Private Company
Founded: 1975
Industries: IT, Language Education

Here you can find out more about Zenken Corporation, apply or get in touch with HR, and learn more about the experiences of current employees.
Company HP
Recruitment Site
Company Blog

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My love for ninjas and interest in Chinese characters (kanji) were what first made me come to Japan, as a high school student. Over ten years and many visits later, I’ve found a job here and have chosen it as my new home.