Job Application Guide

You want to work in Japan? Follow this guide to find out what you need to know.
Either read introductory article for each section or dive right into the details, up to you.

Process and Timing

Process 101
➡ 5-steps to Start your Job Search

Further Info
➡ Job Search Process and Timing
➡ Recruitment in Japan is strange – 8 reason why

Job Search

Methods 101
➡ Job Search Methods and who they are suited for

Further Info
➡ Bilingual Job Fairs: Guide and Dates
➡ English Job Portals in Japan
➡ Japanese Job Portals
➡ Sites for part-time jobs
➡ Why you should attend Company Seminars
➡ Experience reports

Job Application

Resume 101
➡ How to Write a Japanese Resume

Further Info
➡ Pre-Application: How to write an Entry-sheet
➡ How to write the ‘work experience’ resume
➡ The right Resume Picture

Job Interview

Job Interview 101
➡ Job Interview Process and Protocol

Further Info
➡ The most common Japanese Interview Questions

Job interview Types

➡ Group Interview Guide
➡ Get ready for Group Discussions at Interview
➡ Make use of Walk-in Interviews

Interview Dress code

➡ Japan’s job-search uniform: Recruit Suits
➡ Do you have to wear suits?
➡ Job Interview Checklist


Aptitude Tests 101
➡ Aptitude Tests during the Application Process

Further Info
➡ SPI – Guide to Japan’s most popular test

Common Questions

➡ Can you get a job without Degree?
➡ Can you find a job without Japanese?
➡ What Industries are hiring foreigners?
➡ No degree? Specified Skilled Worker Visa
➡ What types of work visas are there?

Extra: Changing Jobs

➡ How to Change Jobs in Japan

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